in3D Announces the Launch of Its Platform to Live Stream An Authentic High-Quality Realistic 3D Shopping Experience for Furniture and Home Goods

in3D is a startup transforming an e-commerce site into a real-world interactive 3D environment for consumers and businesses

Chicago, Illinois / November 1, 2021 – in3D today announces the launch of its live stream high-quality realistic 3D shopping platform for furniture and home goods. in3D offers full-stack professional services to help transform e-commerce sites into a real-world 3D interactive environment and engage their audience in a whole new way. in3D also provides an interactive shopping cart room for consumers–giving shoppers an immersive experience to interact, customize and arrange their selected items in a pre-designed or a replica of their room. This game-changer 3D shopping experience has not existed in the marketplace until now.

E-commerce sites tried to bring the sense of a real object by offering a 3D model view through AR. However, due to its non-realistic 3D rendering, the result looks cartoonish, and AR features are user device-dependent. Other 3D-like environments were done by stitching 360 flat photos, which prohibit the user from interacting with an individual object inside the environment, or through WebGL stack, which lost the object’s realism and performance depending on the user device’s GPU speed. If the 3D object is not realistic, it becomes a measuring tool instead of an authentic 3D shopping experience.

With in3D, e-commerce sites can transform image base webpages into a high-quality realistic 3D interactive shopping environment. in3D platform can be embedded into an existing website, and high-quality realistic 3D environments are rendered on the cloud and streamed to the end user’s web browser. There are no apps to download, no software/plug-in to install. The 3D content can be interacted with and experienced using any electronic device with a modern browser and an internet connection.

“Online shopping means convenience but loses the experience of shopping in a real space. Physical shopping means experience but loses the online convenience of search, assortment, ranking, attributes, 24/7, social, and reviews. in3D platform merges the benefits of online and in-store shopping with a result of one all-encompassing 3D shopping experience. There is no online vs. offline; in3D delivers a unified shopping experience to the customer,” said Felix, Founder, and CEO.

The current U.S. home furnishings market is $300 billion. 21% of that is online, up from 8.6% five years ago, while 79% remain shopping at the brick-and-mortar stores. in3D innovation is in a perfect position to facilitate transformation by taking in-store market share from 79%, especially during the post COVID era, and increasing online market share from 21%, generally done through pricing.

“in3D is beyond any 3D visualizer or other AR initiatives in the market that are lack of quality and authenticity. Our unique offering attracts consumers from both brick-and-mortar and savvy online shoppers. in3D can be scaled to accommodate any floor size, number of rooms, and assortments without needing a real space or objects, to begin with. Our ultimate goal is to help e-commerce companies reach more consumers while simultaneously providing an immersive and enjoyable real-world 3D environment for everyone,” said Felix.


in3D is a live stream high-quality realistic 3D shopping platform for furniture and home goods. Our platform transforms image-based e-commerce sites into a real-world 3D interactive environment. The platform includes 3D model creations, interior design, hosting, analytics, and streaming 3D interactive content.